THANK DOG I AM OUT – Vancouver Rescue Society

Established in 2009 and based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, THANK DOG I AM OUT Rescue Society has rescued and re-homed just under 1000 dogs to date. All were in life threatening situations. Their mandate is to rescue as many dogs at risk loally, nationally and internationally.

Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society is a Canadian Not for Profit Society that relies on donations to continue savings the lives of these discarded dogs. Donations can be made directly by accessing the link at the bottom of this page. donated 40 blankets, one for each dogs that came up to Canada in September 2019 and we are on an ongoing support base with T..D.I.A.O. I created this hashtag for all the dogs who make it into Canada.    #dogswhowontheCanadianlottery

Please consult THANK DOG I AM OUT website for any announcements they may have. 

Donate your purchase money to T.D.I.A.O.

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The Leash, Harness & Collar Bundle + so much more (Value $95)

When you adopt a dog, you’ll need a harness, collar and leash. Or, your dog just may need an extra set.

Included in this bundle:

• Matching collar with harness + leash + bow tie
• Blanket with Canadian flag motif 28X41 (welcome to safety in Canada, ya’ll!)
• 5 writing cards, “Who Writes Cards Anymore?”
• jumbo grocery bag
• Tax receipt from TDIAO

The donations for these bundle goes to   Thank Dog I Am Out.

MIX AND MATCH THE COLORS             You can’t go wrong when you support rescue!