THANK DOG I AM OUT – Vancouver Rescue Society

With 932 dogs rescued and adopted. THANK DOG I AM OUT is the group that inspires all groups and that shows how team work creates amazing results. donated 40 blankets, one for each dogs that came up to Canada in September 2019 and we are on an ongoing support base with T..D.I.A.O. I created this hashtag for all the dogs who make it into Canada.    #dogswhowontheCanadianlottery

Please consult THANK DOG I AM OUT website for any announcements they may have and we are designing bundles for them as well. 


2020 is just around the corner!
These beautiful photos taken by Jane Thomson of the Thank Dog I Am Out Dogs make amazing gifts,
not to mention they look stunning on your wall.
Get your Christmas shopping done early!
Pick one up in-store at Tisol on Main Street, Arbutus Street and Grandview Hwy – or order one online today! – $20 ea.