pet sleeping mats that make a difference

 What’s special about our pet sleeping mats?

They are as special as your pet!
Your pet is part of the family. That’s why at we create Pet Blankets and Pet Sleeping Mats that are unique, fun, and elegant, and a reminder that you saved the life of an animal.

Our Pet Blankets and Sleeping Mats are
• Fashionable, soft, and warm
• The perfect size for your sofa, car, or bed or any place you want to keep free of pet hair
• Easy to care for

Comments from satisfied buyers:

“Couch Savers!” and  “My dogs know they can sleep only where their throw is!”

flannel custom pet sleeping mats

Payment and Delivery

Please contact Monica at to purchase your bundle or any other product.
Monica will get back to you immediately. Remember, you can personalize your bundle with your favorite bow tie colors.
Delivered or picked up at my studio.       Payment by cash or PayPal.