Monica Magnetti Mission

I am Monica Magnetti and I founded in 2018. My mission is to support, to the best of my abilities, rescue associations to raise funds by strengthening their virtual visibility with strong content, professional images, compelling storytelling, optimized and key-word-dense writing, and professional logos. In a few words—all of the pieces of the puzzle that make a brand strong, visible, and appealing to donate to.

Who am I?

I emigrated from Italy to Canada at the age of 20 without speaking a word of English. Then, in my 40s, I achieved a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from UBC. Writing has always been my passion, and I am proud of my achievements. My background brings a unique perspective to my writing.

These are some of my achievements:

  • I am the author of many books in print.
  • I have designed and produced ebooks for myself and my clients.
  • Currently, I contribute to Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s most recent platform.
  • I have contributed to YourTango, writing about women entrepreneurs on a platform that promotes the elusive perfect love.
  • I hold multiple coaching certifications, several of which required years to achieve.
  • I currently work as a business consultant to small businesses, guiding them in shifting their marketing paradigm from product-based or service-based to the all-important value-based.

I hold credentials in many specialties:

  • Marketing
  • Content writing
  • Key-word-dense and optimized content writing
  • Storytelling
  • Website architecture
  • Fundraising
  • Commercial graphic design
  • Visual presentation

What am I most proud of?

I have created and now run two charitable associations that bring positive change to the lives of children and animals.

  • ScaldaCuori has so far donated 283 blankets to children who need extra love.
  • has raised thousands of dollars and donated important items to rescue associations.

Why do I work with rescues?

Rescue associations depend on volunteers and donations. Volunteers have limited time. All the amazing volunteers I know have a job, including me.

I have noticed that most rescues have weaknesses in running their associations and promoting their virtual brands.

It’s not hard to understand why. It takes a lot of time and professional knowledge to create and maintain a strong brand that raises money consistently.

I thought that if I could offer my professional training and expertise to do the things that no one wants to do, these groups would begin to find it easier to create a steady stream of revenue.

That takes storytelling. To promote an association and its fundraising events through storytelling means:

  • Planning fundraising
  • Finding products that will generate good revenue
  • Creating marketing campaigns consistent with each fundraiser
  • Creating social media images and content that strongly encourage reposting
  • Finding high-ranking key words
  • Researching hashtags
  • Coming up with new logos that fit the overall brand and offer variation
  • Designing and supplying (at my expense) printed materials such as postcards and business cards
  • Searching out different donating demographics

To sum up, this is about offering a service of all the things that no one wants to do!

You’d think people would be happy, right? WRONG!

I have noticed, unfortunately, that some rescue associations are resistant to change, especially in marketing and fundraising.

My suggestions and feedback are motivated by years of marketing experience and expertise, using the best in current marketing guidelines. If, for example, I say that your logo doesn’t reduce well for social media, I mean simply that it won’t represent your brand when reduced to a small circle. If I say that a logo for a dog rescue with arms and paws is not unique, I mean it has been overused and will not set your association apart. You want your brand to be instantly recognizable and memorable. Think Starbucks’s mermaid.

Yet, I have found that the alternatives I present for logos and images are often rejected without much consideration. It seems that some rescue associations resent or fear change. Why is that?

Every nonprofit needs guidelines to support a solid structure for its team and for new members wanting to join. These guidelines are not inflexible boundaries or rules set in stone. They are pliable and moveable. They encourage creativity, innovation, and change and welcome influencers with new ideas.

The management team of a rescue association has to decide if they are open to new ideas, trusting that their foundation is strong and suggestions offered by experts can only be good.

Trust is everything. Without trust, you don’t have anything.

Stay tune to the ebook about fundarisign coming soon. Request a copy

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