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Their goal is to do whatever it takes to stop Manitoba’s ongoing problem in rural areas with dog overpopulation, abuse and neglect. They are the dogs’ advocates. This company does amazing work in terrible weather conditions, having to drive long distances and dealing with neglected, often injured and hungry dogs. They make miracles with money donations and don’t leave dogs behind.

From October 2019 to beginning of December 2019, in less than 3 months K9 volunteers rescued and brought to safety 289 dogs. They have rescued over 5000 dogs so far, an it’s a never ending journey.

Please keep in mind that they always need:    travel crates in good condition, travel escorts (anyone flying from Manitoba to BC or Ontario), unopened dog food wet or dry, dog beds, dog coats, blankets, harnesses + leashes+ collars

Donations can be mailed or dropped off at 107 Allenby Crescent, WINNIPEG, R2C3J3

Change the World! Consider signing up as a foster, a driver, a coordinator, a fundraiser! Become an Advocate for Manitoba Animals


We kid you not, volunteering for K9 Advocates Manitoba Foster Program is not for the faint of hearts. However, imagine rescuing the lives of many puppies like the one below! 

Two puppies were found on the ice all by themselves.…

Two puppies were found on the ice all by themselves. Fortunately a kind family took then in and kept them safe till we could come and get them.

Posted by K9 Advocates Manitoba on Monday, December 9, 2019

Request your donations from purchases from rescuTe.ca to go to K9 ADVOCATES MANITOBA



This are two stores in Winnipeg where you can buy food and supplies for K9 and also make donations:

Pet Value Reenders (only this location)     Located in: Reender’s Square     3 Reenders Dr, Winnipeg,         Phone (204) 654-9955

Leo and Co Pet Store             1501 Gateway Rd Unit B -R2G3L4 Winnipeg, MB              Phone (204) 414-2520


Amazon.ca link to K9 registry … COMING SOON


Change the World! Consider signing up as a foster, a driver/transporter, a volunteer, an advocate, a coordinator, a fundraiser!


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Injured bear found at garbage dump spends night in nurse’s bed    Winnipeg Sun 

 A doggone good column

Fostering Hope from Liam Brennan, Chris McIvor in production  

The film focuses on the issue of stray dogs in Northern Manitoba reserves and follows Jasmine Colucci and Dave Brooker who run the K9 Advocates Manitoba group. They’ve rescued more than 2,500 dogs over the past few years.  

The film focuses on the issue of stray dogs in Northern Manitoba reserves and follows Jasmine Colucci and Dave Brooker who run the K9 Advocates Manitoba group. They’ve rescued more than 2,500 dogs over the past few years.   A lot has happened since the CBC airing of Fostering Hope in January 2018. 

We have continued working with remote communities across Manitoba to help reduce the stray dog over population crisis and to help improve the health and safety of the communities. Over 1,000 dogs (and some cats) have come through our care since the documentary aired. Our partnerships have grown to over 20 adopting rescues across Canada that these pets have been transferred to so they can find their happily ever after.

CityNews Winnipeg

Mission to rescue 100 dogs from freezing to death

FRANK DIGITAL  Puppy Love August 9th, 2018

The stray dog problem in Northern Manitoba has never been more serious. First Nations’ nurse, Jasmine Colucci, saw this problem first hand in the community she lives in. 

Wanting to help Jasmine began volunteering for numerous dog rescue services in rural Manitoba. She did it on her own, at times driving 10-12 hours a day just to save a dog. 

Every time she ventured into a Northern community, she came across stray dogs suffering from all manner of different ailments. She saw carcasses on the side of the road – dogs that had died of severe mange, starvation or gunshot wounds. 

She was determined to do something about it that was how K9 Advocates formed. A group that not only rescues dogs in need and re-homing them but has a voice for dogs and lobbies the government to help with this serious issue.