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Deb Feldbloom L.A. Ice Queen Has the Warmest Heart

Deb Feldbloom! How would you define a woman who delivers 7,000 pounds of ice to California’s animal shelters, month after month, through the hot summers and the cold winters?

Make no mistake! There’s nothing cold about Deb. She’s motivated by a generous heart so warm it could melt an iceberg.

Deb and her team work tirelessly to coordinate these deliveries and are always there to make sure things go exactly as planned. This year, in addition to the huge quantities of ice to shelters, they provided 50 air conditioning systems.

Deb Feldbloom has worked for decades helping California dogs stuck in shelters, especially rural shelters. Hot summers, freezing cold winters—it’s not the weather that matters, it’s the dogs.

So, fear the competition, Princess Elsa! Ice Queen Deb has the ice delivery under control!

P.S. Deb Feldbloom Instagram name  is a mix of  Deb’s maiden name Bloom, with her married name Feldstein. 


Notes from Deb: Our mission is accomplished!

Sept. 23, 2020

The Baloojas Foundation and I want to thank all of you. Anything can be done when a group of people join together for good. FIFTY (50!!!) portable air conditioning units are on their way and will be distributed amongst all the deserving shelters throughout the state of California, with a focus on the rural shelters.

We are so grateful. This is going to make such a difference for all the dogs who are stuck in their cement kennels with no escape from the heat. A special thanks to everyone that donated and a HUGE thanks to Kim Lapin and her family for being so generous and giving us the rest of the $ we needed to complete this amazing project.

We are beyond grateful for all of you. Until the shelters are empty, we are going to continue to make sure that these dogs have everything they need to be as comfortable as possible.  (next project in the works….). We are already working on the next project!

Thank you for all your support. Together we have reached the almost impossible results many times.

I want to be totally transparent and be clear I don’t have a 501c3 status, which is definition of having charity status in the US.

I use every single penny for the dogs and I spend way more on them of my own money. It’s my passion. Taking care of the underdogs, because for me they are the super dogs.

Deb’s efforts to support these dogs is all eyar round. Follow her on Instagram and donate any chance you can.

Deb’s  Venmo is @debbiebloom             and PayPal is 

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