custom animal blankets

Custom animal blankets offer a sense of belonging to animals who come from life threatening situations AND 100% of the price is donated to rescue societies.

What’s special about our Pet Blankets? They are as special as your pet!

Your pet is part of the family, so at we create Pet Blankets that are unique, fun, and elegant, and a reminder that you saved the life of an animal.

Our Pet Blankets and
Pet Sleeping Mats are:

• Fashionable, soft, and warm
• The perfect size for your sofa, car, or bed or any place you want to keep free of pet hair
• Easy to care for

Become part of the solution to animals in distress. rescuTe products are win-win!  Animals … they R worth it!


For every $ 20 that you donate you can chose between the blankets Dots and More Dots or Golf.

For every $ 25 you can chose between the blankets Mexican Fiesta, Whirlwind or Peace

When you donate $ 30 you receive the Super Pink blanket with embroidered hearts and the rescute motto.
Only two remains!

P.S. Organize your donations and your orders with Monica from by sending her an email at
(cut and paste!)

Payment and Delivery

Please contact Monica at to purchase your bundle or any other products.
Monica will get back to you immediately. Remember, you can personalize your bundle with your favorite bow tie colors.
Delivered or picked up at my studio.       Payment by cash or PayPal.