ABOUT A DOG Ticket to Safety

Ongoing fundraising campaign
Donate $100 toward the purchase of a ticket
for a rescue dog to fly to Canada

About a Dog Rescue Society‘s team focuses on rescuing dogs from a specific area in Mexico and to find each one of them a safe forever home. Their Mexican counterpart also works with the local community to instil respect and a new understanding of how to treat animals. It’s really heartwarming to see the neighborhood children interact with the rescue dogs and taking them for walks.

About a Dog is a registered charitable society that relies solely on donations. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for any donation of $ 25 and over. You can easily contribute toward vet bills, travelling expenses, vaccinations, spay and neuter clinics and all other costs involve. Rest assure that 100% of your donation goes toward the dogs.

Donate your West Jet Dollars to About A Dog

Because of Covid-19 we are now flying with West Jet and we are establishing a good relationship with them. If you have West Jet Dollars that are expiring soon and/or you are not using them, please consider gifting them to About a Dog. They will go toward paying dogs’ flying expenses and if you transfer them (it’s free) they will be extended for one more year. It’s a win-win, rather than letting them expire, they could go toward a dog’s ticket to safety. Connect with Monica for details. May the paw be with you!

for immediate and direct donations

Click on About a Dog PayPal Donations here  or via Bank eTransfer at this email address  mike.aboutadog@gmail.com

Get your daily updates from social media and please ask your friends and other animal lovers to get involved in any way the can.
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I created this hashtag for all the dogs who make it into Canada    #dogswhowontheCanadianlottery


These Videos Are Worth a Thousand Words About their Rescue Work

Here’s the video of Princessa’s rescue day. Poor girl really needed some help, she was just trying to survive. That was then and on Sunday she has her flight to Vancouver to find her forever family. Her transformation is short of a miracle, Check it out in Video 2!

What a difference a few days make! This was Princessa a couple of days after her rescue! Although she’s very shy at first, she easily becomes your best friend and she adores cats and dogs. Princessa has been adopted by a fabulous About a Dog repeat adopter even if we all thought she would end up with her foster dad in Vancouver, Mike.

Happy Friday, today we want to give a huge thank you and recognize the work of Gina. Not only does she give so much to help dogs but she’s also a health care worker in the respiratory unit at the hospital in PuertoVallarta. Gina has made sure Pancha and Odisea had a rescue day and cared for them until they came to Vancouver, now she’s opened her home to Patas and Cracket so they can have their flight day as well.

Meet Lula, she was rescued on Friday in Mezcales, very close to Puerto Vallarta. Lula was disoriented and on the side of the highway very close to Puerto Vallarta. Thankfully Mayela was driving by and put her in the car, she happily accepted rescue but was still very scared.

Now she is trembling during the vet visit but pretty healthy thankfully. She’s 2 years old and has started her health protocol. Lula went home with Mayela, first night she drank and ate a bit but pretty much slept for 2 days, she’s feeling comfortable and safe and was able to rest her exhausted body.

More gifts with donations are available on this site to benefit About a Dog Rescue Society

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