they R worth it!

Not everyone
can rescue
an animal…

There are
other ways
to help…

99 mindful ways to donate to animals in distress

We have 99 items for sale on this site. Up to 100% of the price of rescuTe products
goes toward approved animal associations.
Be part of the solution for animals in distress. Minimum percentage is 80%.

How can afford to donate up to 100% of what you pay to rescue societies?
We don’t make a profit! That’s how it works. receives donations of money and new items.
We search for the best products and negotiate the best prices.
We create amazing items and then donate almost every $ of revenue to rescue societies.
There is no middle person, and we invest many hours searching
for discounts, donations, and exclusive fabrics.
That’s what we do—and the money goes a long way!



Custom Animal Blankets

Upcycled Leashes

Harnesses & Collars

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