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Shop to Donate and 100% of what you pay for a product goes to rescue societies!

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Every act of kindness produces its ripple effect and miracles happen.

Our adopted charities make a difference in the lives of discarded and abused dogs.
Support them by buying our products or donating to them directly.

The total amount of your purchase of products is donated.
Of your order of REDDINGO TAGS
75% will be donated.

No donation is too big or too small.


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Buy any of our rescuTe gifts for pets!

Buy any of our rescuTe unique pet products and up to 100% of the price goes directly to an approved animal charity.

Sponsor any of our rescuTe unique pet products!

Sponsor any of our rescuTe gifts for pets for donation to an animal charity of your choice or our choice. 

Donate $ 500 and become a Platinum Donor!

Donate $500 toward one of ours animal charity and receive a beautiful fleece blanket from ScaldaCuori.